The Lindsay Automotive Group is a major supporter of the Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. Beginning in 2015, as part of our support for Lost Dog and to help raise awareness for their cause, we have created a monthly "Dog of the Month" contest for our customers. Send us a photo of your canine companion with a few reasons why you think they deserve to be our featured "Dog of the Month," and you could win a $100 Gift Certificate to the Lost Dog Café!


  • Send an email to that includes:
  • Photo of your dog
  • His/Her Name
  • A few short sentences about why they should by our Dog of the Month
  • Contact phone number 
*All submissions become property of Lindsay Automotive Group. By entering contest you understand material is owned by Lindsay Automotive Group and will be used for promotional purposes. Entrants must be 18 years if age. One entry per month per pet per Lindsay Auto Group location. Include owners name, phone & email information with submission. No cash value.

Every month, Lindsay Auto Group will review all of the submissions and announce the winner on the 10th of the following month via the email/phone # they included in their entry. Additionally, winners will be posted on the Lindsay Cars Facebook so be sure to follow our page HERE!

Winners receive a $100 Lost Dog Café Gift Card!

"Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation is the culmination of a long love-affair with animals on the part of two Northern Virginia restaurant owners, Pam McAlwee and Ross Underwood. Sixteen years after opening the Lost Dog Cafe in North Arlington, the pair formalized their ongoing rescue work into the creation of the non-profit corporation, Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. Since then, both the rescue and the business have grown. Now the Lost Dog family includes The Stray Cat Cafe in North Arlington and two Lost Dog Cafe franchises- one in South Arlington and the soon to be opened Lost Dog Cafe in McLean. All of the restaurants in the Lost Dog Family support our rescue efforts."

Learn more about the cause at LostDogRescue.Org



Boomer is a high-spirited pup who loves to run around and play with everyone. He just turned a year old, and his joyful spirit has captured our hearts. We hope you had an excellent birthday Boomer!

With Misa on patrol, there isn't a squirrel that's safe - or so she likes to think. Misa is a 5-year old Korean Jindo. She was adopted through TreasuredK9's when she was just a year old, and her family couldn't be happier she found her forever home with them.

Jindos are known for their intelligence and loyalty - two qualities that describe Misa's personality perfectly. You'll always find her close at-hand; keeping a watchful eye on their toddler, playing big sister to her 'puppy brother' Soju and protecting the house from mail men.

Misa spends her day gazing out of the front windows.  She greets her family every day with unbridled joy and unconditional love - eager to go on her morning walk and maybe (just maybe) finally catch a squirrel. Misa has warmed her family's heart and they look forward to each day they spend with her.

Sammy is a loving and adorable dog! He is diabetic and blind but that doesn't stop him from being the sweetest and happiest dog. He brings so much joy to Emily's life and loves to cuddle! Congrats Sammy!

Bronx was rescued from a backyard breeder in 2005 in Radford, VA where Sean attended college. Bronx became a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and over the past 12 years, he has helped to change the public's perception of the Pit Bull breed. As an active volunteer with the non-profit Ambassador Pit Bull Alliance (APBA), incorporated in Bristow, VA, Bronx has attended many community events with me where he shows the breeds positive qualities (friendly, loyal, athletic, and obedient). While he has slowed down significantly over the past few years, he still attends events and serves as a breed ambassador as shown in the photo provided (taken at APBA's Christmas fundraiser in 2016).

Daisy is a 5-year-old Chihuahua-Miniature Pinscher cross. She was rescued from a kill shelter in Los Angeles 11 months ago. She was scared, timid and had a skin condition. She was found walking the streets of LA.

Daisy was flown across the country to Virginia. She was checked out by a vet, had her teeth cleaned and was given a whole lot of love. 

In return, Daisy has become an amazingly faithful little girl. She's a source of comfort for David's 8-year-old daughter with separation anxiety. She's a Mommy to Lola, a 10-month-old Shi-Tzu/Chihuahua mix that David and his family adopted in March. She's just an amazing bundle of fur and love!

Gunner is a 9 year old lab/husky mix and he has been with his family since he was 8 weeks old. He is very handsome which made it very difficult to choose just one photo. Gunner is the friendliest, sweetest, funny, most well behaved dog. He loves everyone and anyone who meets him loves him. He always follows his family around, lets them know when it's time to go to bed and is the first to greet people at the door.  He is a true member of the family and is loved very much.

Bruin adores children, sleeping and snoring. He is very loved by everyone who meets him and he loves giving kisses, especially in your ears. 

Irma was a rescued by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. She is 6 years old and had to undergo two separate surgeries to repair degenerative joint disease (DJD) She was foster by one of our very own employees and was recently adopted. She is very loving and adorable and will never say no to belly rubs.  


Soju has had an incredible journey to his family. He is a Jindo mix and is originally from Korea where he was rescued from a meat market. His family worked with Hope for Donghae Paws to transport him to the US and met him for the first time at Dulles Airport! He's been an incredible addition to the family and loves playing in their backyard, going on long walks and chewing up all of their shoes. 


Molly's Story:

Molly was born in the South and is ecstatic to have made her way to DC. Molly was originally adopted out by a shelter only to be returned because she was kept in an outside kennel all winter long and kept escaping to look for a warm/dry space. City Dogs Rescue stepped in as owner surrenders are the first to be put down and brought her up to DC where she could start her new life as a "City Dog." Matt and Frances met her at an adoption event in April 2014 and immediately fell in love. She now lives a relaxed life; her favorite activities are taking leisurely strolls through the neighborhood, snuggling/lounging on the couch with mom and dad, asking for belly rubs, eating animal crackers and going for rides in the car. In fact, Molly use to be afraid of cars and now she can't wait to jump into the backseat!

Rocky is loving and adorable dog! He has been enjoying his family's new Equinox that was purchased at Lindsay Chevrolet!

Trevor was dumped with 8 of his siblings in front of a rural South Carolina animal shelter at the age of five weeks, only to be rescued by the good people at Operation Paws for Homes. Randi adopted him when he was a wee lad, and he grew into a gorgeous, smart, hilarious dog who laughs at leashes and has his own Jeep and Instagram account: gooddogtrevor 
His life is easy, just like everything at Lindsay!

Stenk came from the Washington Animal Rescue league. He was rescued from rural Georgia. He has excellent manners and is truly a Southern gentleman. He loves riding in the back seat of the Volkswagen with the windows rolled down no matter the weather but his true passion is chasing tennis balls. He has learned many commands and is an amazing dog!

Bella is a two and a half year old border collie plott hound mix from the Humane Society of Fairfax County. Bella and Kimberly met when Bella was only 8 weeks old and have been inseparable ever since. Bella loves going out for rides and is the co-pilot of Kimberly's  Golf GTI. Bella and Kimberly enjoy visiting Lindsay Volkswagen of Dulles. Bella's favorite guy in the service department is Tim because he gives her treats. Yum! 

Luna is a big dog that believes she is a lap dog. She is a big baby, she enjoys playing with her sister and her hedgehog brother. She is very lovable and photogenic! 

Durango's Story: 
This is Durango. He is one of the 7 Lindsay puppies sponsored and named by Lindsay Cars. He was adopted from lost dog and cat Rescue July 30. This is his graduation picture from puppy training. He is very smart and a great dog.
Nadav is a 14 week old yellow lab in training to become an assistance dog with CCI, the largest provider of assistance dogs in the world since 1975. 
Nadav is a soft, cuddly super smart puppy who, at 14 weeks, already knows 13 commands.  His favorite is "roll," since it usually ends up with a belly rub, and "lap" for cuddles. You can follow 
Nadav on twitter @PuppyNadav and see his adventures and training. Nadav spends his free time in schools+communities raising awareness for people with disabilities.  He raised $1000 cash last month for CCI and $2000 in kind donations. H
e's an adorable puppy and he is doing important work so he can be ready to literally be eyes and ears for a veteran, child or adult with a disability. We are so happy to announce Nadav as our dog of the month for October! 

Jasper is a rescue dog that loves walks, treats and donations that help the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation!

This is Paisley, She is a toy black and white parti-poodle. Her mom says she had been going through a tough time and then Paisley came into her life. Paisley is energetic, silly and funny. She has brought her mom so much joy. They journeyed to Virginia from Florida for a fresh start in January and things are going great! She continues to make her laugh and bring her constant companionship. They are inseparable! Paisley spends many hours in her lap and always by her side. She also inspired her mom to create jewelry for Paisley and other fur friends. Too cute!

Teddy was rescued from Kuwait by a great rescue organization called Wings of Love. He is a loving dog. Teddy comes from a country where dogs are abused and forced to brave the desert conditions. Teddy is now living a spoiled life full of long walks through lake ridge park, car trips in dads truck, and lots of love from mom and dad

Beatrix's Story: 
Beatrix is an adorable 6 year old Dauschund. This picture is called "decisions .. Decisions." She has ridden many miles with Patrick in his 2013 Passat. They LOVE Volkswagens so much that they have two! A 2013 Passat and a 2011 Jetta and before that they had a 2007 Passat.

When Julie brought her 2014 Jetta Hybrid in for service last year she jokingly requested a convertible Beetle as her loaner and our Lindsay VW service department made it happen! Buster loved it! Buster looked so adorable in the car that he inspired Julie to buy a convertible from Lindsay! Julie got her Eos and Buster is thrilled!!!


Murph was rescued from Puerto Rico by Lost Dog and Cat Foundation and flown up here to the DC area with his mother and litter mates and offered for adoption at Bluemont Park in Falls Church where Terrence adopted him. Murph is a Golden Retriever mix who is very affectionate, loyal, sweet, cute, and who lives with another Golden Retriever Riggs who many think is his brother. Murph spends his days on walks, eating great meals, playing with Riggs, and catching a nap when he can. He is very happy. Murph was named after a real life hero, US Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy who was given the Medal of Honor posthumously for service 'above and beyond the call' in Afghanistan. Murph has a lot to live up to, but, he tries every day to be the best dog ever!!

 Little Rosie is a blessing to those around her. She is a 7 month old Biewer and Vanessa's first personal pet. Rosie loves frequent road trips in their Volkswagen. She's a first class lady and as cute as a button. 

Heidi is a wonderful Mastiff mix. She may look intimidating to some, but she is truly just a big baby who will sit in your lap at any opportunity. She's a big girl-- weighing in at over 100 lbs-- but still lets Lizzie dress her in sweaters when it's cold outside and wears them with pride. Heidi came from a broken home (her family decided they didn't want her anymore), so Lizzie and her family took her in. Since then, she has brought more love, laughter, and light to their lives than they could have ever possibly imagined. She is truly a gift.


This is Bella. She is a 4 1/2 year old Pit Terrier Mix.Billie Jo says that adopting this precious girl was the best decision she has ever made!!  As you can see from her smile in the photo, she loves her daycare. She's a super sweet and loving girl. Although, she doesn't have the heart to tell her she not a lap dog, she believes she is! Her favorite toys are her squeaky balls and ropes for an intense game of tug of war.   

This is Kolzig (named after the former Capitals goalie). He is a Greater Swiss Mountain/Australian Shepherd mix adopted from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in 2012 when he was about one year old. Kolzig (formerly Lucas) was found at a shelter in South Carolina and was moments from being put down due to overcrowding. Lucky Dog was able to save him and bring him up to Northern Virginia. His future owner, a volunteer with Lucky Dog, saw him on the site and committed to adopting him. He had some quirks from being mistreated and was a bit nervous being in a city, but fell in love with his new life. His personality blossomed quickly and he is the most loving, energetic and loyal dog. He enjoys playing with his fur brother Appa, lounging on the couch, and exploring outdoors. Kolzig has also become a patient big brother to 15 month old Rowan and enjoys sharing his toys with his baby brother. Kolzig is a perfect example of how much love can enter your life if you open your heart and rescue a best friend.

Claddagh or " Claddie"  is  a 7 year old yellow lab who's birthday was on the 10th of November (happy belated birthday Claddie!) She loves riding in VWs and playing with balls and sticks for as long as anyone will play, especially if there's water involved. She is a good-natured and helps the household feel more complete and often provides amusement. Claddie has been very helpful to her caregivers in developing relationships with neighbors in a neighborhood that is still relatively new to them. We love our community, and it seems so does Claddie! Congrats!

"Willie" is a therapy dog trained to bring joy and comfort to children with sever disabilities, as well as nursing home and hospital patients. He is a 10 year old "Brussels Griffin" and has been at his job for over 9 years. He is also a mobility assist service dog. 

Our dog is an adopted dog (he's a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix), he loves outdoor walks, his favorite words are "outside" and "treat," and loves playing and fetching his dog toys.

He is a Certified Therapy Dog and Honor Flight Dog. 
Moritz visits 2 Senior Centers, Hospitals, Soldiers, and greets Veterans who fly into DCA for Honor Flights.


Apollo is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix who was rescued from Louisa County Animal Shelter back in July of 2013 at just six weeks old. He was part of a litter of 3, who was taken in by the shelter after being found on the side of the road in a box near an abandoned house. After his two brothers were adopted, Apollo was the only one left to be rescued. Apollo should be Dog of the month because he has been a great addition to our family ever since he came into our lives. He is smart, playful, loving, handsome and charismatic, tending to grab the affection of everyone he crosses path with. 
Even individuals who don't normally like dogs, Apollo tends to warm their hearts and change their misconceptions about what we consider the best pets in the world!

This is Bear. She's an Australian Cattle Dog/Beagle who's been riding in Volkswagen's her whole life. In her 3 years she has road-tripped in our Beetle from Mississippi to Washington, DC- to California and to Pennsylvania. She's also a registered service dog who helps her lucky mommy with a neurological disability. Bear was a litter of one- which is super rare. She LOVES children and taking naps. 

Asti is the beautiful lab puppy from Guiding Eyes. Besides being a regular puppy ... eating, playing, sleeping, and learning all kinds of new things, Asti really enjoys riding in the jeep purchased from Lindsay Manassas Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. In the jeep that can go anywhere she needs to go, she goes to her very special GEB puppy classes, excursions all around town to her very important socialization spots and of course to the puppy store to get all her well earned treats! Asti is also a puppy with a purpose, if all goes well, Asti will graduate after 16 months and get adopted free of charge by an individual who is blind or visually impaired, profoundly changing that person's life. Guide Dog puppies need to be: 
Confident with noises, animals, people, traffic, body handling 
Mannerly in a wide variety of social settings 
Responsive to their handler despite distractions 
Settle well when their handler is idle 
Friendly but not distracted by other pets 
I believe Asti is going to be the best guide dog ever! To get ready for this important career, I get to work with her during these important months to learn good, no, impeccable house manners, polite people greetings, in this time she has learned to sit, down, stand, go up stairs, follow me, kennel, and lots more fun and useful behaviors. she easily walks on all kinds of surfaces, has fun playing with a multitude of toys, she loves to fetch the ball and is even bringing it back! (of course in exchange for some yummy treats!) and she was totally housebroken by 11.5 weeks. yeah!!! All is learned by the STEP method: The Successive Training & Enrichment Program (STEP) is Guiding Eyes for the Blind's unique relationship-based approach to training in which raisers teach puppies essential skills in sequential steps. It is different from traditional training which focuses on making the dog do things, often through leash corrections. Instead, STEP is a lifestyle approach that makes it fun and enjoyable for a pup to learn and work with you using a wide variety of rewards such as your attention, food treats, toys, games, and "real life rewards" to build a deep spirit of cooperation and willingness.
If you are not familiar with this great organization, I'll provide a description in their words: "Guiding Eyes for the Blind is an internationally accredited nonprofit that provides guide and service dogs - offering individuals and families greater independence. Raising a puppy for Guiding Eyes for the Blind is a real gift of love. A puppy is not born a guide dog, but created through the dedication and commitment of an entire team of individuals. The relationship and bond between the raiser and pup will become the foundation for all the life lessons a guide dog needs to master. Raisers provide hours of patient teaching and numerous socialization journeys over a 12 to 16 month period, before they return a well-socialized young adult dog to Guiding Eyes training staff. All of the raiser's hard work culminates when a blind person receives their priceless gift - a guide dog providing independence, companionship, and mobility." 
For more information about Guiding Eyes: 

Loosa got her name because she is actually a rescue from the Tuscaloosa tornado disaster in 2011. Many of the stranded puppies were sent to kill shelters, but luckily Loosa was shipped to the Washington Animal Rescue League where we laid eyes on her and adopted her immediately. She hates storms still to this day, but loves cuddling, wrestling with other dogs, and, especially, consuming as much food as she possibly can all at once. She never seems to get a full stomach. It is repulsive, yet fascinating how much she can eat in one sitting. Her 4th birthday is coming up this month on March 16th, so happy birthday Loosa!

Della came into Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue (NVSR) extremely overweight (42 pounds, but should be 25 pounds or less) when Gerald & Joyce started fostering her last October. Her previous owner returned her to the breeder because Della "slept all day and didn't play with toys." The breeder asked NVSR to find her a good home. Well, Della does not sleep all day and loves playing with toys, especially fetching a tennis ball! She has lost more than 10 pounds since October and now weighs in at a svelte 30 pounds or so. The Millers decided to keep this sweet, fun-loving, 5-year-old tricolor shetland sheepdog and adopted her in December. 

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